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Mit den hightech Clear-Coat Rundum- und Display-Schutzfolien
bleiben deine elektronischen Geräte neu und geschützt

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- Schmierstellen
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Clear-Coat bietet

- einen massgeschneiderten Rundum-Schutz
- regenerative Schutzfolien-Technologie
- 100% HD-Klarheit

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- Lebenslange Garantie
- Gratis Versand innerhalb Europa

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Das sagen unsere Kunden über Clear-Coat

"Looks invisible to the eye at first glance. Pair it with an otterbox defender case (without their built in screen protector) and you have great iphone protection all around. Love it!." Review by W0000F

"The clear coat product delivers all-around protection as advertised. One application lasts > 6 months without peeling or noticeable discoloration. It fits the phone perfectly." Review by JaneR

"That's the thing. The back and side skins are awesome. If you have the red Droid Turbo you'll want this skin. It really helps with the slipperiness. As for the front skin... It kinda stinks. It feels like thick final. The glare is just awful. I used a competitor screen protector for the front. The combo works awesome." Review by mrry